The police will have a megadrone that flies at a speed of 130 kilometers per hour

The National Police will have a 600 kg megadrone, the EH216Which can reach the speed of 130 kilometer per hour and reach the places which are difficult to reach, such as contaminated area or very small space.

As the Ministry of Home Affairs said on Friday, This megadron was presented at the National Police School this FridayIn Ávila, in an act in which the Secretary of State for Security, Rafael Pérez, participated.

Perez highlights the importance of investing in technological innovation, “as shown by the drone”To effectively address the fight against organized crime. “These unmanned aerial vehicles have already begun to transform the public safety of major cities,” said Interior’s ‘number two’.

For the Secretary of State, the aviation sector represents one of Spain’s strategic vectors and its security must be guaranteed in a common framework. “For all these reasons, the National Police is promoting a aviation safety culture This allows for the development of a policing infrastructure that increases the capacity and resilience of police units to respond to threats and challenges in the region.”

for two passengers

The presentation of the EH216 Megadrone was also attended by the Director General of Police, Francisco Pardo; the deputy representative of the government in Ávila, Fernando Galliano; and Victoria Jing Xiang, Director of Operations for EHang Europe and Latin America.

A Japanese citizen using the Vasco Electronics translator.

The EH216 is the first autonomous aerial vehicle of its class to fly in Spain and the first in Europe to belong to a police force. Developed by EHang, it weighs 600 kg, has the capacity to carry two people or cargo and can reach up to 130 kilometers per hour.

Its size allows it to reach hard to reach places and Can be used for CBRN agents to access contaminated areas or for landing in very confined spaces, as well as other general emergency and security missions.

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