The radical transformation of the nun who won The Voice and left Rafaella Cara speechless

Nun Cristina Scuccia shocked throughout Italy including famous rafaela carawith their performance on the stage of Sound, that was in 2014 and won the contest, Now after eight years, he has once again surprised the whole nation. advertise in an interview in the program Very true what He gave up his habits and went to Spainwhere she works as a waitress.

Nun Cristina Scuccia won the Italian version of The Voice in 2014. (Photo: AP Photo/Luca Bruno)

Scukia revealed what her new life was like on Sunday night. Since then his name has again come in the headlines. From her first blind performance, it is recalled how Cara was speechless listening to her interpretation No oneby Alicia Keys, As She Remembers Guardian, It was then that he looked back and found that it was a nun. At the time, she was living in the convent of the Ursuline Sisters of the Sacred family in Milan. their The victory took place in the summer of 2014 with subject what a feelingFrom the movie Flashdance.

after that came to release an album which included like a Virgin, from Madonna. His success on stage and chosen subjects earned him Appreciation and praise, but also criticism One of the most conservative religious areas. They didn’t look suited, interpreting a song like a nun dedicating herself to the world of music and Madonna.

This Sunday, Skukia, originally from Sicily and 34 years old, appeared in front of the cameras again with a different side to how the public remembered him and told that he had given up his habits. He now lives in Spain and although he hasn’t given up on music or his faith, works as a waitress, It was not an easy decision to take and she has taken the help of a psychologist to take this step. According to his testimony, it was during the pandemic that the decision matured.

“Mine has been a brave choice. Without thinking about what they would say about me, I followed my heart. I’ve jumped into the void and I was so worried about ending up under a bridge, I always repeated it to my psychologist. Today I live in Spain and work as a waitress (…) God has never been in the limelight, Sister Christina is in me, I owe all that I am to her, It has become complicated, it has become difficult, today I smile, stronger than ever, I believe in life even more, in God, faith has not gone away, “he said about his decision in the program Told.

He also told what came after the success and his participation in this Sound it was something unexpected and who knows The sisters tried to protect her, But, in turn, other kinds of problems arose. “The added security boundaries about my idea of ​​a religious life, but I was also afraid of losing myself (…) It is as if this risk of success has entrusted me with a great responsibility, as a witness of God in front of everyone” , he confessed in the above program, how did you collect daily facts,

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