The real reason Adela Noriega couldn’t stand Marlene Favela

Marlene Favela and Adela Noriega

Adela Noriega was one of Televisa’s most beloved actresses, one of the darlings of the famous San Ángel company, and when Marlene Favela arrived on the television stage, Adela Noriega was already a well-known established actress with many successes behind her .

And he tells the story that one day Adela Noriega came on stage and saw Marlene Favela, and she didn’t like that she looked like her, because it’s no lie that the two have such an incredible resemblance that there are people who believe Do they were related.

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The actress Adela Noriega would have asked on the company’s forums not to see the young woman again, and since she was one of Televisa’s darlings, they listened to her; But apart from the physical resemblance between the two, Adela would have been annoyed that Marlene was younger.

Adela Noriega was one of the highest paid actresses on Televisa

and is that because of being too similar, and she reportedly being younger, Adela was afraid of being replaced. In the end, Marlene is still valid in various productions, while Adela left the spotlight many years ago.

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