The real reason the royal family doesn’t want Meghan Markle with Harry

Meghan Markle is not close to Prince Harry

One of the reigning novels in the British royal family is one starring Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, who married a few years ago and had two children, we know the couple have decided to give up their royal titles after facing discrimination by Queen Elizabeth. decided to. II and the new emperor King Carlos III.

There were several theories held that Queen Elizabeth II and King Charles III did not want Meghan Markle because of her Nigerian origins and for this reason they were opposed to Prince Harry’s love for the American actress, but a new version has emerged. Is. He revealed why he turned down royalty to be with Meghan, according to a person close to the royal family.

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According to a source close to the royal family, the royalty’s disapproval with Meghan Markle is not because of her origins or the color of her skin, but because she is a dominant figure over Prince Harry and is the one who has distanced his family, since Harry avoids doing things that would incur the wrath of his wife Meghan and whatever he decides to do against his family is at the behest of the American actress.

prince harry book

Prince Harry’s decision to release a book, where he told many secrets of his childhood and his life in general, put many members of the royal family in the eye of the storm, for which he paid the millionaire more than $ 40 million. Made profits, but now it was a way to get Meghan Markle back with the royal family.

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