The real reason why Margarita cares so much for Andres Garcia in her final days

andres garcia

Andres Garcia is one of the most sought after leading men of all time, for 4 decades he was one of the favorite actors on the small and big screen. But although he has thousands of women, only one takes care of him in his worst moments.

his last wife, Margarita Foley, from whom he had recently separated; But they managed to overcome their differences and continue together, as Margarita has said, it is love that keeps them together, because it is not easy to take care of Andres, because sometimes he gets fooled. When he wants to eat or drink something, the doctors forbid him.

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But much has been speculated that Margarita’s reasons for not caring for Andres are not so altruistic and have to do with the actor’s desire, as she and Andres’ sister, according to the actor, are his only heirs. Even Palazuelos assured that there were hidden interests for him to fight alongside his great friend Andrés.

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The actor has always denied these comments, as he has assured that in his entire life no one has been able to molest him, he even made YouTube videos in which he attacks everyone who questions Margarita’s love. pick up.

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