The reason why they ask for less support for Eugenio Derbez’s films

Eugenio Derbez and Omar Shorty

Eugenio Derbez is a trending topic in social networks as users request less support for Mexican cinema films as they assure that it is only for his films.

Some Twitter users believe that Afcine, Fidesine and the Film Academy only financially support the films of Eugenio Derbez and Omar Chaparro, calling them banal and farcical.

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“And since they’re defending Mexican cinema, why don’t they sign up for Filma Latino, where there are low-budget films that people need to see. There’s a lot of Mexican cinema, not just Derbez or Simple acts of Franco or Gerardo Méndez “

“Eugenio Derbez and Omar Shorty, without fear of being wrong, must be the worst thing to happen to Mexican cinema, period.”

Others say that they are not the Mexican cinema that the public consumes, but they make recommendations such as not to have repetitions after Guillermo del Toro asked for more support.

Why did you start the topic on the network?

Mexican producer and screenwriter Guillermo del Toro posted a tweet in which he complained about little support for Mexican cinema, as the company Cinemax would not air his film “Pinocchio” in its cinemas, for which he had given it to free theaters. Asked to broadcast for more dissemination.

And he added another tweet where he offered to cover the total cost of the Ariel statues, as well as the ceremony as much as possible to continue Mexico’s presence in cinema, adding these words:
“Our cinema – that art form, very real and highly valued – and always in danger. I entered I’m calling @LeticiaHuijara and I’m following her so she can DM me. I’m involved. I’m doesn’t give rest. Solutions have to be found. Guilt doesn’t work. Solutions help. Take advantage of it”.

He also pointed out “I’m already getting tricked by Chaparro and Derbez and those empty rhetoric. Look what Tatiana Hueso, Alejandra Marquez Abela, Lilia Aviles, Fernanda Valdez, etc. have.

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