The reasons why Gerard Piqué fell in love with Clara Chia Martí and was unfaithful to Shakira

Much has been speculated about the reason for the break between Gerard Piqué why shakirawhere the theory that most diverges is that the former player was possibly unfaithful colombian with current partner Clara Chia Marti, Eventually, a close friend of the young Cosmos activist revealed reasons The background for which the former Barcelona Central fell in love with the Spanish despite his relationship with Barranquillaira for more than 12 years.

suddenly broke between shakira why Gerard Piquéhas given them a lot to talk about, as this was undoubtedly one of the most cohesive couples in the world of entertainment around the world, but what surprised not only the press but the followers of both the celebrities the most was the fact that they shared a few pictures Started filtering former player with a young blonde, whose identity was revealed a few days later as the former football player’s current partner Clara Chia Marti,

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