The rebound effect of Zuckerberg’s layoffs: Meta shuts down its ‘Creative Connectivity’ division

finish line closes connectivity (its Telecom Networks Division) ten years after launching the initiative. The company claims in Light Reading that Will split division between its ‘Infrastructure’ and ‘Core Products’ teamsHowever, will not affect the participation of the action Telecom Infra Project (TIP) which continues to develop open and uncompromised standards across various communication technologies.

in case you did not know, Meta Connectivity was launched in 2013 To connect more people with the purpose of using the company’s social network. Through this initiative, the company developed a project of autonomous drones that broadcast internet to places without connectivity, in addition, it worked on building an internet system similar to Starlink using low-Earth orbit satellites .

Meta connectivity shuts down due to mass layoffs That’s what Mark Zuckerberg announced at the beginning of the month, noting that he laid off more than 11,000 employees. Furthermore, Meta continues to spend a lot of money in the Metaverse, while its core social media advertising business faces threats from the likes of Apple.

Light reading indicates that “the action will not affect the participation of the meta Telecom Infra Project (tip) because The development of open and unconfined standards continues for various telecommunication technologies”.

TIP is a group of telecommunications companies, service providers and connectivity stakeholders that promotes the development of new telecommunications infrastructure. for now, Dan Rabinowitz (Director of Meta Connectivity) is still with the company and may change departments,

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