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The Relatable Voice podcast is turning 1!  

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The Relatable Voice podcast is turning 1!  

It’s been one year of roadtripping around the world, talking to all kinds of wonderful guests and sharing their stories. The RV went all over the globe, through the USA, to the UK, all the way to Israel, Guam and New Zealand.

The guests have ranged from authors to screenwriters, to doctors and environmentalists, to survivors and heroes.   The RV started very small, and ran into some bumps along the road, as all new ventures go.

But as the famous saying goes, “Life is not about the destination but about the journey”. The RV has published over 125 episodes and counting, has hosted over 130 guests and has garnered 280.000 downloads so far in its first year.  

The RV expanded to more than just a podcast and even started working with companies like Brand Education and WorldAuthors.org. This way more people around the world can learn about these guests and their stories.

  To celebrate The RV’s first anniversary, they decided this was too good of a celebration not to share with everyone.

So as a thank you for joining in on The RV’s trip around the world, they will be giving 5 lucky subscribers the chance of getting their own personalized cartoon portrait by the same illustrator who created all of The RV’s promotional campaigns. All you need to do is make sure you’re subscribed to www.luciamatuonto.com.

If you are selected, you will be contacted via email to provide a photo of your choice to create your personalized cartoon and a short description to properly illustrate the background and setting.

So make sure you’re subscribed and the lucky winners will be selected on February 28th, 2022.   Traveling has become difficult, almost impossible during these difficult times.

The ability to virtually travel to all corners of the world and getting to know interesting people along the way is a gift that The Relatable Voice has given us.

The Relatable Voice podcast is turning 1!  

Happy first birthday to The Relatable Voice, and to many more trips to come! Follow The Relatable Voice on any of the available streaming services.

Find amazing stories on www.luciamatuonto.com Follow us on Instagram: the_relatable_voice Twitter: LMatunto Safe travels!

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