The sad story behind Juan Gabriel’s success with Fernando Colunga

Fernando Colunga and John Gabriel

Juan Gabriel has written thousands of songs and each one is more successful than the previous one, no one can deny that, but a huge success which has a very special background for Divo from Juárez, as it was written for one of his most loved ones.

The song is Hug Me Very Strong, the same one that was the central theme of the telenovela starring Fernando Colunga and Arceli Arambula, the same one that Colunga had during the relationship he may have started with the actress in the said production.

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More news from Fernando Colunga:

She tries to steal love from Fernando Colunga, but death comes and forgetting is too close for her.

The big loss that Televisa suffered because of Fernando Colunga and will not be able to achieve that much Adela Noriega return

Although their relationship didn’t last since La Chule fell in love with Luis Miguel, the song remains a happy memory. Furthermore, it has an important meaning as it was written for the sister of Juan Gabriel who was in critical health.

Hold on tightly to my request that gave a new life to your sister

a request that he cling to her and live in a world that made her better; And the title came after the singer met a good friend and while saying goodbye he asked her to hug and there was made the title of the song we all know and sang.

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