The sexiest photos of Carmen Villalobos’ number one “enemy” Majida Issa

Without a doubt, Colombian actresses are fast gaining a place in the hearts of Mexicans, both for their great work in major international series as well as for their beauty that leaves more than one mouth open, and it’s to show that it is enough to name Carmen Villalobos, Catherine Siachok, Johanna Fadul, Stefania Duque and Majida Issaamong many others.

The above actresses, apart from their beauty, have one thing in common that they were all part of the successful series “Heaven Is Without Breasts”and in the same output we see carmen villalobos as the hero, while his number one enemy Majida Issa.

Both the actresses not only enjoy great talent but also enjoy a beauty that would make anyone fall in love, however, pretty face Majida Issa Was about to burn.

What happened?

According to the actress herself who gave life to fear “Yessica Beltran” “Heaven Without Breasts”, It was years ago when a fake doctor advised her to apply a cream, which caused her a lot of damage.

fortunately, Majida He was able to realize this and went to the experts, who helped reverse the effect, which was maliciously recommended by the alleged expert, now, “the eternal enemy of”.Catalina Santana”, The role played by Carmen Villalobos in the above series, she has smooth skin and is one of the most beautiful faces in Colombia.

colombian who conquered mexico

it was in 2019 when Majida entered the Mexican market and won the hearts of our country with its performance alejandra guzman in the biography of the daughter of Sylvia Pinal and Enrique Guzmán.

as you read this, Majida was in charge of bringing the rocker to life in the bioseries titled “La Guzmán” and it was broadcast on television image group.

Majida Issa She has been a follower of the singer ever since Twelve years, He even copied it in front of the mirror, he never imagined it 24 years Later he would actually interpret him, for the same reason that it was not difficult for him to do so, because he knew what he was like, he just studied his gestures, movements and his voice a little more.

It should be noted that born in the beautiful Colombian san andres island, apart from the actress Majida She is a singer and comes from a family devoted to acting, as her sister is also an actress. Jordana Issais also the granddaughter of Teresa Gutierrezand also has a niece Miguel Varoni and Maria Margarita Giraldo.

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