‘The Sims 4’ free on PC and consoles: EA opens game to all users and speculates on what the next generation will be like

The Sims 4 game developed by Maxis and distributed by Electronic Arts was released almost a decade ago on September 2, 2014. Since then, there have been rumors that the next installment will allow for online multiplayer and the announcement of ‘The Sims: Project RenĂ©’ This hypothesis can be confirmed.

The name ‘Rene’ is chosen because it is reminiscent of words such as ‘renewal’, ‘rebirth’ and ‘reincarnation’, which the developers try to reflect with The Sims. “From the beginning, The Sims has defined life simulation games and continues to grow into an incredible platformer. that encourages creativity and self-expression“, clarified Lindsay Pearson, Vice President of Creative Franchise for Video Games.

its makers promise A “collaborative” and multiplayer experience Which invites you to think about the possibility of playing with other users. He had already tried this with The Sims Online at the time, which came out in English for Windows devices in December 2002, but the game was not available in August 2008. Maxis and EA look to get back on the field with this ideaIn a context in which interrelationship is far more present than it was two decades ago.

sims 5 will further customization of furniture, For example, a sofa can be customized with different patterns, colors and textures, allowing home players to make the construction and design even more unique.

Another notable feature of the new game will be that it can be controlled from a variety of devices, allowing A multi-device experience. This way users will be able to play from mobile and computer at the same time and everything will be updated in real time on both the screens.

‘The Project RenĂ©’ still is in very early stages of developmentSo we have to wait for years for its launch. Until that happens, EA Games has let users download The Sims 4 for free from its official website for PC, Mac, and consoles.

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In addition to making The Sims 4’s original pack free and talking about a new project, Maxis and Electronic Arts have announced the next expansion of the current game. Is will arrive in 2023 and will include new features related to Baby Sims.

for its part, ‘The Sims Freeplay’ He improved the Tomorrow game as tweens, teens, adults, and seniors, making them more realistic. This mobile version will have a new mission called ‘Christmas is in the heirs’Which will ask players to build a comfortable cabin.

In form of ‘The Sims Mobile’, The companies notified that they will have a new element in the manufacturing mode: balconies, This novelty will also come during the Christmas holidays.

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