The soap opera continues: Musk says he won’t let blocked accounts back on Twitter (for now)

Elon Musk Said this Wednesday that Twitter Will not “allow” any person who has been removed from the social network to return for violating its rules Until the company has a clear process in place to access the platform, which will take “at least a few weeks”.

The tycoon, who recently bought the network for $44,000 million, responded to another user’s tweet: “Twitter Will not allow anyone removed from the platform for violating Twitter’s rules to return to the platform until we have a clear process to do this, which will take at least a few more weeks,

Will join Twitter’s Content Moderation Council representatives of widely differing viewsWhich will certainly include the civil rights community and groups facing hate-motivated violence,” said the businessman. red social,

Before buying the social network, Musk said the former US president would be among those he would welcome Twitter. Donald Trumpwhom Platform suspended after indefinite To add comments to the Republican politician Attack on the Capitol on January 6, 2021,

However, the executive director of Tesla He also said in the statement in which he purchased the official platform that Twitter Can’t Be “Hell Against Everyone Where You Can Say Anything Without Consequences”,

This week, two big advertising companies recommended that their clients temporarily suspend their advertising on twitter for Concerns about the company’s ability to monitor your contentStart the Wall Street Journal.

Ads account for 90% of Twitter’s total revenue,

It is not yet known when the new features will be released.

Musk has said that his market strategy for the platform is for the social network to rely less on advertising. Increase in subscription revenue,

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