The son of Sebastian Rully and Angelique Bauer who disappeared from this world

Sebastian Rully and Angelique Bauer

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When you think of Angelique Bauer at the moment in the entertainment world, you’re immediately associated with the name of your partner, Sebastian Rulli. They are undoubtedly a perfect example of a fictional couple that moved on in real life and many are envious of their relationship.

This is because apart from their physical attractiveness, they have proven to be highly successful in their businesses and most of their personal decisions. They recently completed 8 years of relationship and more than one must have wondered why they didn’t get married or have kids.

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Sebastian Rulli didn’t even fall with his kisses and ended up selling donuts alive

Sebastian Rulli’s boyfriend who will stop Angelique Bauer

However, it is revealed that he had a descendant but it disappeared.

son was rulli and boyar

Rully and Boyer’s “Son” Then and Now

It all happened in the telenovela ‘Lo que la vida me robo’, where the two actors ended their love with a son. This child actor is called Oscar Daniele Duarte and decided to keep acting aside, disappearing from the world of entertainment and from social networks, as his last publication is from 2020. SDP Noticias found a more recent image that appears to be from this. That same year.

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