The terrible despicability that Prince Carlos III showed to remove Queen Elizabeth II from the throne

Prince Charles III played a trick on him by his own mother

Prince Charles III, who will currently assume the British throne following the death of his mother, Queen Elizabeth, is one of the controversial characters that make up England’s royal family after being involved in several scandals such as the one he had with Lady Di had acted. He was married and he was unfaithful to Camilla Parker.

At the age of 74, he would finally have the opportunity to reign after a long wait that left him desperate, as according to British media, Carlos III was looking for a way to convince his mother that he should give up the throne. The tax would give it to her and then after Queen Elizabeth II’s refusal, the prince did everything to remove her to the point of taking a terrible step to remove her from the throne.

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According to “The Sun” 10 years ago, Carlos III, when he was still a prince, launched a poll in the United Kingdom to hold the populace against Queen Elizabeth II, the survey asked whether he believed There were no such clear ideas that his emperor should be renewed to continue the rule as the years passed, unfortunately for Carlos his survey was of little use and the residents supported the emperor.

This Is Why Most of the United Kingdom Doesn’t Want Carlos III as King

As we’ve already mentioned, Carlos III seems to be one of the members of the British royal family, who has the support and admiration of millions of its residents, to which more than 50 percent of the population believes he is right. is not a person. Rule. , so they are not very happy with the news and do not have a vote of confidence in Carlos III.

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