The Terrible Hidden Message in One of Yuri’s Greatest Hits

Message hidden in Yuri’s song

Yuri is one of the most beloved Mexican singers in the Mexican public, he established himself within the medium with great successes in his career, in addition to being a singer he has also shown that he has acting and conducting talents, Jarocha Has been one of the most controversial and controversial characters in the industry.

Today we’ll be talking about the terrifying messages that hide one of the most iconic hits in singer Yuri’s repertoire and you certainly wouldn’t know, it’s the song known as “El Apagon” that Came out in the 1990s and it hit the radio, nightclubs and bars, although we find it hard to pay attention to the songs and are just fascinated by the rhythm.

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The song talks about the sexual harassment or intimidation that a person suffers from his father in verses “And without seeing the enemy in that terrible darkness, they took my coat, my hat and what vandalism, I thought he The cool one was going to give him was my father when he turned on the lights, thus the terrible message that hid Yuri’s success.

The reason for the criticism of Yuri

Yuri has come under storm once again after the LGBT community accused her of being homophobic and it is now said that the singer does not fill her concerts, to which Yuri replies that she is criticized because They envy him so successful, but what do you think?

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