The time BTS’ V and BLACKPINK’s Lisa went out to party together

Even if he has all the rumors of dating and romance V of bts have been together jenny of black pink, Idol also had the opportunity to party with Lisa, another member of the world’s most popular girl band.

When did this outing happen? Taehyung and Lisa?; It was on 26 July when the two idols went to a party together, as both were invited to the event of the French clothing brand, Celine, in the city of Paris, France.

In fact, when they both reached there, thousands of fans were waiting for them, so they did not hesitate to greet them and even give them autographs. Also, famous Kpop artists danced with the South Korean actor in front of their followers. park bo gum, Who was also invited to the party in the capital of France.

lisa likes v «Oppa», The name used by girls in Korea refers to an older man whom they love and admire.

“I’m so glad they became close friends and we got to see more conversations,” “I wish they could meet again,” and “I love how comfortable, relaxed, and happy they look. We need more of this.” ”, had some reactions from fans.

And you liked this outing in the middle V You Lisa?

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