The tragic accident in which Lalo Mora lost his youngest son

Many adherents view the performers as superior beings, but in reality they are like others who are not free from pain and tragedies, as is the case of one of the Mexican regional singers who suffered one of the greatest sufferings. had to do for which he can pass someone

On 26 January 2016, it was recorded in memory of under Moraes And his entire family, since he has suffered the loss of a loved one, is Eduardo Mora Cedeo, the youngest son of a northern music singer who died in an accident.

Eduardo Mora Cedeno He was 25 years old and walked on Miguel de la Madrid Boulevard in Monterrey, Nuevo León, he immediately lost his life, but his relatives recognized his identity until a few days later.

From Lalo Mora’s official account, he said he was devastated by the news “I am very sad because my son ‘Eduardo Narciclar Mora Sedeno’ has gone to heaven … Rest in Peace,” he wrote.

The dead son of Lalo Mora. Specific

who also testified to the death of his brother Lalo Mora JR “Yeah, unfortunately, my little brother, God keep him in all his holy glory, he was there. I don’t want to talk about the details right now; that was yesterday,” said the singer, who said it was an accident.

Lalo Mora is a well-known singer known for iconic themes in Nortino music, the most popular of which are: “Lorita Garza”, “El Rey de Mil Coronas”, “Eslabón por Eslabon” and “Me Casa Nueva”.

Arora and Lalo Jr. next to their father. Specific

To date, former members of Invaders of Nuevo León He has two sons; Aurora Moraeswho is known to work in his father’s production team and is always aware of everything happening around him, apart from Lalo Mora Jr.A young man who has followed in his father’s footsteps in music and is currently the lead singer of Nuevo León’s heirs.

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video | This is how Lalo Mora’s son sings, the heirs of northern music

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