The Tragic End of Juan Gabriel After Pretending His Death

The end of Juan Gabriel to pretend his death

Juan Gabriel has been one of the most beloved singers in the music industry as he built an illustrious career throughout his life as he was not only a singer, he also ventured into television in his film and was one of the best musicians ever. Industry Unfortunately, Juan Gabriel’s life has been affected by the theories surrounding his death.

It is said that Juan Gabriel has not died and is hiding somewhere in the world, because after several discrepancies on the part of those close to him, especially his son, this news shocked millions of his fans, but many such things are those that can be taken. To think that Juan Gabriel already had plans, such as his last tour and album in which he sang his greatest hits in the company of various artists.

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After an impeccable career, Juan Gabriel’s life has been affected, as is his tragic end after a great career, some say that the singer is alone in the United States and left, so in the style of Pedro Infante. There is speculation of his return via another person, although there is nothing to confirm this and various speculations about the death of Juan Gabriel remain.

Why is it said that Juan Gabriel faked his death?

It’s unbelievable to think why an artist of Juan Gabriel’s stature would even think of pretending his death is true that celebrities have a tough life, because they can’t go out to enjoy their lives in general. may and may have been fed up with fame, but the theory about Juan Gabriel’s death was due to his millionaire debts with the Mexican authorities, so he decided to end his life and avoid payment, quietly losing his millions. enjoyed.

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