The true story about how Gerard Piqué met Clara Chia Martí behind Shakira’s back

history of love between shakira why Gerard estrangement After living together for 12 years has come to an end, the former couple finally signed a custody separation agreement for their children, so it is expected that on January 7, 2023, Colombian Sasha and Milan to Miami in company Will fly Despite the fact that now there is neither head nor tail of this relationship, many things related to it keep coming up. Clara Chia Martias new and believed true storry how former footballer she got to his current girlfriend the back of Barranquillaera and thus ended his infidelity.

during the first months when it became known shakira why Gerard Piqué They broke up, the name of the 23-year-old girl gave a lot to talk about and became the hero of many headlines. Well, from those who blamed her for the breakup of the ex-footballer with the interpreter of “I congratulate you”, which they crossed and continued to call the Catalan unfaithful, this is because several media outlets assured that the former Kule and the young lady already had a year of dating, everything the back from colombian

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