The truth behind leaked photos of Jenni Rivera’s leg in the remains of the plane where she died

It’s been 10 years since the sad demise of jennifer riveraHowever, the manner in which the incident took place remains a mystery to this day, such is the case filtered photos of Pie in ‘La diva de la banda’ Ruins of plane Where he diedbecause a lot of people wonder what Truth behind the said images because they are chilling.

It should be remembered that, on 9th December, 2012, jennifer rivera he died After the plane in which he was traveling to the state of Toluca, Mexico, crashed in a town in Nuevo León, as in the city of Monterrey he had offered a concert hours before the horrific crash. Soon after, the news spread across the country and spread quickly on social networks. Filtered powerful Photos in which they appear, presumably, Ruins Singer’s

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