The truth behind the video for “Canelo” and the dance with his daughter Emily that sparked controversy

Saul “Canelo” Alvarez This news is not taking its name to stop, in the last one week all the details of the party which became famous for its elder daughter have been released, Emily Cinnamon And although it’s mostly information that highlights the eccentricity with which the reception was designed, there are other rumors discrediting the celebrity’s behavior.

Guadalajarán took Grupo Firme, Carín León and other Mexican regional stars to sing to his daughter and it is mentioned that they paid millions of pesos to make it possible, in addition, there are those who argue That after a few drinks he ran.

“Canelo” offered a great party for his daughter. emilyc.alvarez

that too recently changed Internet A video in which the father and daughter are seen dancing and according to the recording the boxer may have made the young woman uncomfortable, but there are some who have come out in defense of the celebrities, mentioning that they take the scene out of context. taking, because “Canelo” always respected Emily And even she has been the engine of his life.

Video comments. screenshot

So what’s behind that video of a happy father who celebrates his daughter’s birthday, drinks some alcohol, but who tries to dance and fails, while the girl can’t find the rhythm, so many internet Explanation from users, who also remember that “El Canelo” has always stood out for its altruism and good heart by joining charitable causes that need it, such as operations and even school scholarships Paying for, without forgetting that it has created companies among convenience stores, taquerias and even gas stations with which it provides jobs to hundreds of Mexicans.

The story of “Canelo” and overcoming with his daughter

When “Canelo” he was 17 he came EmilyThe fruit of the love of Boxer and Kareli Beltran, who was their partner at the time, teenagers did not have the financial solvency they now enjoy and it was very difficult for them to meet all the responsibilities they developed, but what did they do with your children? was the inspiration to move forward.

In various interviews, the athlete has stated that he did not get paid well for his work, as one of the reasons he was already engaged in boxing was that things were no longer good in relations with him. bitter gourd And they decided to go separate paths, but they agreed to communicate cordially so as not to harm the girl.

Saul has said that he went through a period of deprivation and sometimes he did not even have enough for milk or diaper, also did not have to travel by public transport. Another of his jobs was in a palace that gave him the solvency to barely eat a day, so he always thought of his daughter as the reason to move on.

Emily at her XV year party. Specific

Looking for a better future for the girl child“Canelo” Alvarez He worked so hard that his effort was reflected in his international reputation and especially in his pocket, he now provides everything his children need to move forward and also provides some luxuries, such as a party of the XV year in which they assure that they spent more 5 million pesos.

party guests. fb/eduincaz

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Kareli Beltran and Saul “Canelo” Alvarez, the truth of their young love story

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