The truth comes out after the fight between Canelo and Grupo Firme in the XV years of the boxer’s daughter

that version canelo alvarez He missed the cup during the XV years of his daughter and therefore ran away firm group You carin lyon For the big party, keep leaving the details.

was going to impress shamanicJoe declared that the Mexican boxer did not like many of the festive situations, so he starred in a fight with whom he had formed a great friendship.

“The party came and the problems started because there were more people than tables, many had to wait three hours to come in and be seated. Canelo was already angry, really wanted to put on gloves. And here would be the gossip. is: what Canelo makes Grupo Firme and Carin run from the party just like that, Because I was already in tune, I was already in tune and I was very stubborn. She was the focus at the party instead of the girl.”

Boxer himself and the Sinaloa group haven’t spoken about it, but carin lyon Yep, because the Mexican regional singer revealed everything that happened at last weekend’s festivities.

“We got a good drunk, an unforgettable thing with my company eduino And with great champions, with many people I hadn’t seen in Guadalajara for a long time,” said the interpreter.

Also musician and self Canelo He shared pictures of the party in his Instagram stories, so he extinguished all the rumors of this fight.

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This has been the relationship between Canelo and Grupo Firme: from a fraternity to expelling them from their daughter’s XV years

Influencer Chamonic threatened by video of fight between Canelo and Grupo Firme

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