The ultimate in luxury is a $25 million yacht that converts into a submarine and can dive 200 meters

also a luxury superyacht Can be submerged to a depth of about 198 meters, that’s the project submarine maker U-Boat Works is working on. The brand wants to sell the experience of a cruise under the sea to those who are willing to pay for it.

U-Boat Worx showed off the Nexus, a nine-passenger submersible with a “transparent elliptical pressure hull” overlooking the ocean depths, in April this year. A month later, he showed off an underwater entertainment platform that included an underwater banquet hall that could seat 120 passengers. But nothing better than the announcement of his latest project.

Recently, the company published some pictures of a more ambitious plan: Nautilus, a vessel that will be the firm’s largest ever. From bow to stern, the submarine measures approximately 37.5 meters and has all the features one would expect from a luxury superyacht.

The length will measure around 37.5 metres, so it will be the brand's largest boat to date.
The length will measure around 37.5 metres, so it will be the brand’s largest boat to date.
u-boat works

Among the venues U-Boat Works highlights at the presentation of the Nautilus at the Monaco Yacht Show Four guest staterooms and owner’s master suite, In addition, there will be a dining area and living room with large windows, quarters for six crew members, and a kitchen.

is also in the nautilus project a freshwater pool, bar and outdoor dining area on a large terrace. This area could be withdrawn and sealed off when the yacht was converted to a submarine.

According to U-Boat Worx, the vehicle can dive to about 200 meters for four whole days, For their part, they have indicated that their cruising speed is nine knots (16.7 km/h) on the surface and four knots (7.4 km/h) underwater.

It serves as an auxiliary ship.

Suitable for people who get seasick

The superyacht is ideal for those who get seasick in rough or stormy waters. this is because, In case of adverse weather, Nautilus simply has to go under water until you reach a quiet area.

However only people who are dizzy and are millionaires will be able to enjoy this advantage offered by Nautilus as the starting price of the boat will be 25 million dollars, Plus, the company still has a 30-month wait to put the submersible superyacht up for sale.

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