The unexpected message that Arcelli Armbula dedicated to Stephanie Salas indirectly to Luis Miguel

araceli arambula remembered as one of the most stable and solid couples in luis miguel, as she had two children as a result of her relationship with the singer as well. But these are not the only descendants that the interpreter of “La Bikina” has, because during their relationship Stephanie Salas He procured Michel Salas; ‘The Stepmother’ actress has made it clear that she feels a lot of admiration for Stefani and even Dedicated And unpredictable message Singer too.

Stephanie Salas why araceli arambula They have become one of the two most famous and controversial couples luis miguelThis is because none of them have remained silent about the details and certain revelations regarding their relationship with the singer. For her part, Stephanie had a daughter whom Luismi did not recognize for some years.

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