The unfaithful love of Erica Beaunfil that no one remembers or who exists

Erica Beanfil

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Erica Buenafil is one of the most popular telenovela actresses in the world of show business in Mexico and even those who haven’t seen her show surely know her. She has stood out for being a multifaceted actress who has found love more than once in soap operas.

Whether as the hero or as the villain of the story, there’s almost always a heartbeat at his sight that eventually subsides in his allure. However, there was one man who betrayed her in the worst possible way and from there her life was never the same.

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ERIKA BUENFIL scared like a famous actress by mediating with the most precious

Erica Bunfil loved him but his evil completely consumed him

Their love never ended and today the spotlight goes nowhere near them.

The man who cheated on Beaunfil

It is about the iconic actor Guillermo Capetillo, who breaks Beaufil’s heart in the telenovela ‘True Loves’ because, after being married in fiction, he cheats on her and then refuses to divorce her.

This wasn’t the only time Capatillo played with a woman’s heart, as he was also the leading man on duty alongside stars like Victoria Ruffo or Veronica Castro.

It all seems that this could have affected his karma, because today he is alone, without any social networks and more people remember his brother Eduardo Capetillo.

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