The unforgivable password used by the Holiday Inn hotel chain and its cost is a massive hack

Being one of the largest hotel chains in the world doesn’t make a company free from the ploy of cybercriminals. Intercontinental Hotel Group (IHG) able to see it for the first time Attackers gain access to your email and internal documents By using weak passwords.

IHG is a company that manages over 6,000 hotels worldwide, including well-known names like Holiday Inn, Crowne Plaza and Regent. Last week some of your customers complained that they problems when trying to make a reservation and check in,

Given this situation, the company warned that they were “in system maintenance”. A day later, he recognized what had really happened: He had to become a victim of cyber attack.

ransomware attack turned out to be viper attack

BBC media reports that hackers contacted newsrooms asking them to show screenshots of it Internal messaging from Outlook, Microsoft Teams and Server directories From IHG.

“Basically, our attack was plannedn ransomware [‘secuestro’ de datos para pedir dinero a cambio]but the company’s IT team kept isolating the server before we had a chance to implement it, so we thought we’d have some fun,” the hackers said. Instead we did a Viper Attack [elimina la información a la que acceden],

Employees do not ask about the urgency conveyed by messages from the system or the support department.

password was weak

According to cybercriminals, IHG made it very easy, as the password to access their database was ‘qwerty1234’, One of the most persistent and therefore least safe in the world.

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