The United States has a vertical ‘ship’ capable of analyzing the deep sea

FLIP stands for Floating Instrument Platform, a structure designed for research that, if you don’t know what it is, you probably think is a sinking ship. Although today we talk about it is not something new, but Built by Scripps Oceanographic Marine Physics Laboratory for the US Navy in 1962With the aim of providing valuable information for submarine warfare.

The ‘sunken ship’ needs to be taken to sea in a horizontal position till the point selected for investigation is reached. Once there, it is able to move up to 90 degrees, stand upright and spend most of its length submerged. In total, a 91 m platform is introduced under water. And only 17 meters is visible from the surface.

To move all the machinery, FLIP has a pressurized water and air ballast system. On the UC San Diego website, they emphasize that Its technology allows you to change position in less than half an hour And, being vertical, the structure is more stable and has greater resistance to waves.

Furthermore, thanks to this position, the ‘debris’ collects data on long-distance sound propagation and other useful measurements in geophysics, meteorology or physical oceanography. For this, its builders provided FLIP Specialized scientific equipment, such as sonars or sensors.

FLIP can fit five people, but the Scripps Oceanography research team holds about 11 people. Your offshore operation can continue up to 30 days out of stock And the interior compartments have two doors, one when the flip is horizontal and another when it’s vertical.

The submarine mimics the movements of an orca.

Since its construction in 1962, FLIP has been used to measure sound wave fluctuations for the SUBROC program, later in Dabob Bay, Washington Territory, and from there to San Diego. The structure has been photographed in various areas of the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans, where it is shown This is very useful for offshore research.

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