The United States Will Have The Most Technologically Advanced Battle Tank In History: This Is The AbramsX

AbramsX Name the new light tank that General Dynamics Land Systems presented at the fair last week federation of the united states (AUSE). It is a model that won a United States Army competition aimed at finding a vehicle with greater firepower for the infantry.

Gordon Stein, vice president and general manager of US operations for General Dynamics Land Systems, noted after winning the competition that the team had worked hard. to deliver your “prototypes” on time To support the Army’s evaluation plan.

As seen at the event, the AbramsX is a light armored vehicle with better maneuverability and portability than previous vehicles. In addition, its manufacturers ensure that Its fuel consumption is 50% less for other models.

Its developers claim that the package hybrid power AbramsX is adapted to the climate and electrification requirements required in the US military. They also have an upgrade that allows Silent mobility and surveillance,

Images from a test flight of the Thor-ER on August 17, 2022.

Similarly, AbramsX can carry out activities autonomously thanks to an artificial intelligence or can be operated by a soldier, depending on what is to be achieved. General Dynamics Land Systems armor can be vital on the battlefield.

For now, it is known that the company will develop Total 96 new vehicles Thanks to a $1,140 million contract with the Pentagon. However, they elaborate that only 26 AbramsX will be produced in the first batch.

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