The unresolved 2022 House and Senate races that will determine control of Congress

Washington – After a surprisingly strong performance from the Democrats 2022 mid-term electionsThe battle for control of Congress remains unresolved as a handful of Senate races and several dozen House contests remain up in the air.

According to estimates by CBS News, four Senate Race were unresolved as of Thursday, and three of them will determine which party ultimately controls the upper chamber: Arizona, Nevada And Georgia, (The winner in the Alaska race is also unclear, but because of how the state chooses its senators, the top two candidates are both Republicans, meaning the result will not change the partisan makeup of the Senate.)

Republicans need 51 Senate seats to control the chamber. However, the Democrats only needed 50 votes, as Democratic Vice President Kamala Harris cast tie-breaking votes in the event of a 50-50 split. With Democrats currently projected to control 48 seats and Republicans projected to hold 49, the party winning two of the three races in Arizona, Nevada and Georgia would gain control of the Senate.

The outcome of the Georgia race will not be known until after a runoff election between Democratic Senator Raphael Warnock and Republican Herschel Walker on December 6. CBS News has characterized the overall Senate battle as a toss-up.

fight for the houseThe election, meanwhile, appears favorable for Republicans, who needed just five seats to overcome the slim majority of Democrats who contested the election. CBS News estimates that the GOP will control at least 210 seats in the lower house, compared with at least 200 seats for the Democrats. Both parties are still short of the 218 seats needed to secure a majority.

Here’s a look at the rest of the race that will ultimately determine Congress’s control as of Thursday:



CBS News characterizes the race between Democratic Sen. Mark Kelly and GOP challenger Blake Masters as tilting in Kelly’s favor. Nearly a quarter of the state’s votes have yet to be counted, including 27% of the state’s most populous Maricopa County. Kelly’s lead is waning as more votes continue to be counted, a process that could take several days to complete.


Neither Warnock nor Walker reached the 50% threshold to avoid a runoff election, in which Warnock won 49.6% of the vote and Walker won 48.3% of the vote. Liberal candidate Chase Oliver won 2.1%.

Both sides have begun raising money for a December 6 demonstration in the Peach State, which would be decisive if Democrats and Republicans split Arizona and Nevada. Warnock won a runoff after the 2020 election to win his current seat.


According to CBS News estimates, the race between Republican Adam Laxalt and Democratic Sen. Catherine Cortez Masto is known as a toss-up. Laxalt is leading the incumbent candidate Cortez Masto by more than 15,000 votes.

However, Clark County, the state’s largest and Democratic stronghold, has about 99,000 votes still to be counted. Cortez Masto won 51% of the 608,429 votes already counted in Clark County, compared to Laxalt’s 46% of the votes. An election official said the counting of votes could go on till next Thursday.


The House race favors Republicans, according to CBS News estimates, indicating that the GOP ultimately controls at least 210 seats, compared to 200 for Democrats.

Of the races in which CBS News predicts a winner or a candidate has won, 15 seats have gone from Democrat to Republican, while seven have changed from Republican to Democrat. Republicans slipped to four seats in New York alone.

In a particularly close race in Colorado, GOP Representative Lauren Boebert trailed Democrat Adam Frisch by only 64 out of 313,433 votes.

Fifty-one house races remain unresolved, 18 of which are on the battlefield, including four in California:

Aaron Navarro contributed to this report.

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