The veteran who helped subdue the Colorado Springs shooter owns the brewery with his wife. Now people are buying their goods.

Richard and Jessica Fierro have been celebrated over the years for their award-winning beers and the Atrevida Beer Company, Colorado’s first Latin-owned brewery led by a female lead brewer.

On November 20, he and some of his employees went to Club Q in Colorado Springs for a “fun night out”, which ended in tragedy.

Fierros, along with their daughter Casey, who also works at their brewery, and her 22-year-old boyfriend Raymond Green were celebrating a friend’s birthday at the Vance gay nightclub when a gunman entered. He killed five people, including Vance, whom the family had known since their daughter was in high school. Dozens of others were injured, including people from Fierros’ group.

“It was a complete catastrophe,” wrote Jessica Fierro on Atrevida’s Instagram page. “It was horrible. Casey broke her knee as she was running for cover. Both of our best friends were shot multiple times. I cut the right side of my body and Rich while holding on to the shooter Injured both his hands, knees and ankle. He was covered in blood.”

Richard Fierro has been a hero’s welcome amid panic, as he and another man helped tame the shooter, Richard Fierro, a US Army veteran who served four tours in Iraq and Afghanistan, said he stepped down after his military response.

“I wasn’t thinking. I just ran out there,” he said. “(I thought), ‘I have to kill this man. He’s going to kill my baby. He’s going to kill my wife.’ … It’s just the reflex: ‘Go on, go on fighting. stop action, stop the activity. Don’t let anyone get hurt.'”

Husband and wife Rich and Jess Fierro are the owners of Atrevida Beer Company in Colorado. Jess Fierro, head brewer, is the state’s first female and Latina brewery owner and head brewer.

Courageous Beer Company / Facebook

Plus they helped save the lives of dozens of other people. people who were at the venue In the event, his military training also contributed to the growth of his and his wife’s business. The couple discovered their passion for brewing while Rich was stationed in Germany, the couple says on the beer company’s website.

Their brewery, whose name means “bold, daring, audacious woman” according to their website, was created by Jessica, who embodies exactly that. As well as being a military spouse and mother of two children during her husband’s 15 years in the US Army, she is praised on the Atrevida website for being a force of strength and creativity.

That strength translates into everything they do at the brewery, making them “Diversity, it’s on tap!” Let’s rent your motto. – a phrase that is on many of its products. Four out of six of his employees are women and four out of six are Latino.

His message, history and endurance, on top of Richard Fierro’s works club cueThe shooting ignited an outpouring of support for his business in the days following.

Meena Harris, niece of Vice President Kamala Harris directed people for the merchandise of the business, most of which display his motto. Author and journalist Molly Knight also directed people to her merchandise, asking her more than 136,000 followers to help “crash their website“- by purchasing all their available online products.

“Mr. Fierro is a hero,” tweeted chef Jose Andres, founder of the nonprofit World Central Kitchen. “Risk your life to secure the life of others. With your bare hands! His daughter’s boyfriend died in the shooting. … Let’s show him the respect he deserves…let’s support their beer,

For Fieros, support comes at a time of great loss. Jessica said on the business’s Instagram page that “everyone is recovering,” but her family, like many others, is “scared.”

Atrevida Beer Co. One of the shirts sold by on its website.

Courageous Beer Company

He wrote, “No one should ever see bloodshed like this again.” “…we are going through so many emotions as a family and as a brewery. The loss of life and the injured are in our hearts. We are devastated and torn. We love our #lgbtq community and Standing with them. This cowardly and despicable act of hate has no place in our lives or business. F*** HATE. It has wounded us and our community but not broken us.

Her daughter, Casey, posted her own tribute to her boyfriend, who she’s been dating since high school. Her social media shows that she graduated in 2018.

“I will never get over this. I want to wake up from this horrible nightmare. I pray you hear me when I call. I am so sorry. I will never forgive myself for taking everyone there ” Instagram. “…you gave me the best 5 years and four months. My sweet darling, I will never forget you.”

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