The warm relationship between Itati Cantoral and a famous singer

itati cantoral

Itati Cantoral is best remembered for being the villain in the telenovela “Maria la del Barrio”, where he played Soraya Montenegro, characters who opened doors to fame throughout Latin America and are remembered by millions of people in the world.

But this was not her only soap opera, the actress also took part in the melodrama “Dos Mujeres un Camino” with Bibi Gayton, in which Guyton was the protagonist with Laura Leone and Eric Estrada; And precisely in this telenovela appeared musicians such as Grupo Bronco and Selena Quintanilla.

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Selena Quintanilla, Queen of TexMex; He participated in soap operas, so he had to record some scenes in Tijuana where Itati and she shared the same room and spent the whole night talking, as Eduardo Santamarina’s ex recalled.

Selena praises Itati’s father

It turns out that the famous song “El Reloj”, composed by Itati’s father, was one of the singer’s favorites, as it would have been accompanied by her father, Abraham Quintanilla, teaching little Selena to sing, apart from the fact that the lyrics are a classic. The masterpiece that all Mexicans are proud of for its beauty.

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