The whitest paint in the world can now be used to cool cars and planes

Xiulin Ruan (Professor of Mechanical Engineering at Purdue University, USA) has developed the whitest color in the world curb global warming,

this innovation absorbs less heat from the sun Of which it emits, in addition, it is made with high concentrations of barium sulfate with particles of various sizes that span the wavelengths that make up sunlight.

The surface covered with this paint cools below room temperature without expending energy, that is, it absorbs less heat than it emits. 4.5ยบ . cool down to surface of any building.

paint works effectively if applied in a layer at least 0.4 millimeter thick, because it can reflect 98.1% of light. who makes it excellent for buildings And other structures, however, may detract from the vehicle’s performance and design due to the added weight of a thick coat of paint.

It is suitable for vehicles already

To remedy the situation, the researchers published an article in the journal Cell Reports Physical Science stating that “the use of hexagonal boron nitride instead of barium sulfate resulted in a white paint 97.9% solar reflectance by an application thickness of only 0.15 millimeters,

this is the formula Suitable for cars, planes and spacecraft without compromising on performance, mileage and design. At the moment, researchers at Purdue University say that “they are negotiating market the paintingBut there are some issues that need to be addressed even though progress is being made.”

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