The wife of Andrés García cries for the health of the actor; had a drug overdose

Andres Garcia may have recently gotten back into drugs health analysis It was found that his presence cocaine in the bloodRevealed his wife, Margarita Portillo.

The woman assured that she was separated from the actor for three weeks personal problemsBut someone calls to inform him that Garcia is in poor health and pitiful.

in interview with first hand assured that the actor was admitted to the hospital due to a strong bacterial pneumonia, The doctors also told him that he had drug overdose.

“Because of the overdose picture, the most difficult hours are the first 72 hours… It’s like my spirit fell at my feet and my twenties are falling… I order an anti-doping test and it’s cocaine. Turned out to be positive for.” ,

He assured that he knew very well who had brought the medicine at his request. Andres Garciabecause he is a person addiction problem.

“Andres is an adult and they take them away because Andres requests it. He is a sick person and has been sick and has cirrhosis. One of those people was already sentenced.”

He remarked that the actor is already in better health as subject to medical treatment. This is because he had previously left the hospital without proper care.


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