The woman who runs and hides Irina Baeva

irina baeva

It is no secret to anyone that Irina Baeva was involved in a major scandal when she was linked with Geraldine Soto while she was still married to Geraldine Bazan, the scandal escalated when Geraldine revealed her story Told and the way Irina allegedly harassed him in social networks.

And in fact Geraldine is able to hide and escape to Irina, a woman very close to Bazan, this actress is the mother of Mrs. Rosalba Ortiz. It is revealed that she was at a fashion event, which Irina also attended.

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But as they were going out, the Russian noticed the presence of Gabriel Soto’s ex-mother-in-law and since she had to pass the same place where Rosalba was, she turned her face to one side and tried to hide among the people from the attack Contact the grandmother of your partner’s daughters to avoid.

irina ran away

And when the press questioned her about her wedding dress, the model and influencer decided to run away, arguing that she had nothing new to tell.

Irina Baeva is hiding from Geraldine Bazan’s mother

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