The Woman Who Was Rejected by Eduardo Capetillo and Now Lives in Perfect Fate

edward capatillo

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In both the real world and the entertainment world, there are decisions that people regret for the rest of their lives or at least wonder if they made the right decision. This usually happens especially in love, when one meets a past partner.

This may be the case of Eduardo Capetillo, one of the most famous artists in Mexican entertainment. In addition to being a singer, Capatillo has a recognizable career as an actor and was almost always the heart of soap operas. In one of them, she had a forbidden love that would now live in perfect destiny.

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More news from Capatillo:

The secret of Eduardo CAPETILLO and BIBY GAYTN that their daughter is now exposed to the world

It was not Eduardo Capetillo, the star who brought love and fame to Bibby Gayton

Eduardo is happily married to artist Bibi Guyton, but no one will blame him if he thinks of his “ex” for a moment or two.

Lorena Bernal was the woman Capatillo rejected

The two were part of the telenovela ‘El Secreto’, where they were in love but there was a huge taboo for which they could not be together. Bernal is now enjoying life in the UK as he is married to former football player and manager, Mikel Arteta who is rumored to have a fortune of around $70 million.

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