The world’s 5 most powerful submarines: They can detect enemies and launch attacks from kilometers away

A submarine is a ship or vessel capable of navigating on the surface of the water or under water. Originally, it was designed as a prime war machine to attack enemy underwater without being seen, however, over time, they were used for scientific and civilian use.

The technology has been incorporated into submarines to offer new surveillance, espionage and propulsion services; In this way, they have more abilities to be useful in armies.

S 80

Navantia’s S-80 belongs to the new generation submarines that go Incorporated with latest technology and weapons, It didn’t have a great start as the overweight prevented it from swimming, therefore, he increased the length by ten meters.

This water vehicle will go assigned to the Spanish Navy In order to improve submarine military capabilities, in particular, they will conduct integrated support operations in force, surveillance missions, they will be able to counter potential threats and they will be able to launch missiles.

With regard to technology, Use an atmosphere-independent propulsion system and a state-of-the-art system for combat and support of special forces operations.

The objective indicated that “the original program had considered launching in 2013 and commissioning in 2015, but the project faltered when tests in simulators detected a weight of over 125 tonnes in the ship that would have prevented it from floating.” “

After several problems, the program began this year with navigation and immersion tests, taking into account that Its entry into operational service will not be available until 2023.

USS South Dakota

Lining materials are silent.
USS South Dakota.
Ben Werner

The US Navy built the most technologically advanced attack submarine in the world. USS South Dakota is a Virginia Block III-class ship with innovations Technique which he had never seen before.

The submarine, capable of carrying a crew of 135 sailors, is designed to operate at various depths (from deep sea environments to shallow coastal waters). perform different types of missions (surveillance, reconnaissance, hunting and sinking other submarines and surface ships) and Launch ground attack missiles, torpedoes and mines.

Manufactured, Integrated, Tested and Operational Advances Incorporate Silent Technologies As for the engine chambers, as such, they make it difficult for the submarine to be detected and may attack from depth without warning.

Hull lining materials are coolIn addition, in recent years, the United States Navy has worked on acoustic and sensor advances to maintain technological advantages in the submarine domain.

This idea includes: act unscheduled in enemy waters or shoresPerform reconnaissance missions and detect opposing movements.

Models began to develop in the 1980s.


NATO warns to mobilize Russian nuclear submarine ‘K-329 Belgorod’ (the carrier of the Poseidon nuclear missile) and fears that its mission is to test torpedoes to prevent a radioactive tsunami and detonation near the coast.

Belgorod is a military machine designed for Launch Poseidon nuclear missileA 24-metre warhead capable of traveling at a speed of 130 kilometers per hour to detonate at a power of 100 megatons, it can also carry six torpedoes.

Some of its features are a length of 184 meters, it is designed for a crew of 130 people, Contains two 190 MW nuclear reactorsCan travel underwater at 60 kilometers per hour, supports 30,000 tons (approximately) and is capable of submerging for 120 days.

It also has a 20 meter ship espionage and sabotage May be equipped with communications cables or ocean pipelines, other small manned submarines, and are sufficiently capable of performing destructive missions.

Russia has not presented Belgorod as a weapon of warBecause the TASS statement informed its delivery as a “submarine designed to deal with various research tasks and carry out survey and rescue operations”.

The prototype hasn't found gold or silver yet, but the team sees its results as promising.


The US Department of Defense has commissioned the Boeing Company to develop the Orca, a new submarine belonging to the family of ‘Unmanned Underwater Vehicles’ (UUV). Secretly deploying marine mines and other payloads.

This 80-ton innovation is an open-architecture reconfigurable UUV that will have A modular construction. It will also provide mission control, guidance, navigation, autonomy, communications, maneuvering, energy, power, propulsion, situational awareness and sensors.

killer whale can Carry out submarine surveillance, electronic warfare and mine wide missions; With that in mind they would combine torpedoes and cruise missiles as aerial drone deployment platforms.

The team has installed a central transport module of ten meters, measuring 25 meters in length and supporting eight tons in its load capacity.

other thing, Its engine is a diesel-electric hybrid system which allows the storage of energy in the battery for propulsion of the propeller; In addition, with regard to the propulsion system, a one-piece wrapped propeller would be used to reduce underwater noise.

It can reach cruising speed of 5.5 kilometers per hour.
us Navy

The drone can slowly reach its target and then take off.


Mistral S-73 was launched on 14 November 1983, made its first dive on 2 November 1984 and was delivered to the Navy on 5 June 1985. the submarine saido Contains detection equipment and a weapon systemIn addition, it has participated in several naval operations.

Its projects include freedom of action of surface forces, intelligence gathering missions, reconnaissance and information operations in advanced areas and coastal infiltration by Special Operations commandos.

The S-70 fleet had four models in service: ‘Delphin S-61’, ‘Tonina S-62’, ‘Porpoise S-63’ and ‘Narval S-64’. all They opted for security systems, weapons, satellite communications and propulsion independent of the atmosphere,

Mistral Submarine (S-73).
Mistral Submarine (S-73).
Spain Navy

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