The world’s longest train runs through the Alps: 100 wagons, 25 locomotives and 2 km long

Switzerland wanted to celebrate the 175th anniversary of its first railway in a big way: by launching the world’s longest passenger train. About 2 kilometers long, the large transport vehicle is composed of a total 25 ‘Capricorn’ Electric Trainsmake a queue 100 wagons and weight 2,990 tonnes,

‘Capricorn’ Train Measures Set in Concrete 1,906 m and about 25 km. It took about an hour to travel to Via the Albula line, which runs from Prada to Alveneau (Switzerland). This railway road is characterized by its long steep curves and steep descents and was inaugurated in July 1904.

The world’s longest train collapsed on its way Alvaneu from 1,788 meters high in Preda. up to 999.3 m in, covering a distance of just less than 25 km. To do this, they had to pass through the famous spiral track of the Albula Line.

Its developers only used rails separated by a metre, whereas conventional railways in Europe typically use a gauge of 1,435 metres. This, added to the slopes and curves of the line, made the Swiss challenge particularly difficult.

Although the route was difficult to follow, the Swiss train successfully completed the journey, confirming its record as the longest train in the world. However, these results require It takes months of preparation to ensure that the journey is completed safely.

Train driver Andreas Kramer, 46, recalled the dangerous bend of the Albula Line: “Needless to say, we went through this process over and over again.” he states that they had to be in sync every second And that “speed and other systems must be kept under control at all times.”

Talgo, AVE 'Avril' Train

Before the last test ride was successfully completed, there was another one that failed even before the train could run. As he remarked, The emergency brake system could not be activated and seven conductors they could not communicate with each other Neither by radio nor by mobile.

Kramer, the other six drivers and 21 technicians had to coordinate to correct the spiral descent. In fact, they had to Limit speed to 35 km/h And the software had to be modified to restrict the power being fed back.

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