‘The X-Files’ and ‘Fantastic Four’ actor Michael Kopsa has died

Yesterday, the death of Michael Kopsa was confirmed at the age of 66, having had a recognized acting career.

Michael Kopsa died on Sunday 23 October at the age of 66 due to a brain tumor. tomorrow his ex-wife Lucia Franzione He released the unfortunate news on his social network, The actor was known for appearing in several television shows, the most famous of which was The X-Files, where he played Rick Culver.

In the statement, Lucia Frangione expressed a tender message: “He was an amazing stage and screen actor, voice actor, carpenter, musician and painter. Most importantly, he was a loving and prosperous father.” The couple gave birth to a daughter named Nora, who also mourned the loss of her father.

Canadian actor also participated in such series hill, smallville You Stargate SG-1To earn the affection of the public and the respect of one’s peers. He also acted in many films like Fantastic Four, Apollo 18, love happens You planet of the Apes. But he was not only an actor, but he also ventured into dubbing, lending his voice to animated series like Dragon Ball Z. death Note, A man who takes immediate action, X-Men: Evolution.

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Michael Kopsa was born in Canada.

He also collaborated on several occasions with Hallmark Studios on films such as It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas, Love in Winterland, Marrying Father Christmas and Valentine in the Vineyard. After announcing his death, the company shared it on Instagram with a tribute message to the actor: “Friend and colleague of many, today we honor Michael Kopska’s legacy. Always in our hearts.” rest in peace.

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