There is already a mandatory app for parking in Madrid loading and unloading: it works like this

Madrid City Council launched the ‘Urban Merchandise Distribution Strategy (DUM) 360’ so that carriers use an application to park for 45 minutes in the loading and unloading space available in the city, or condemnation of illegal occupation,

this digital plan distribution will control the traffic and shall monitor violations with sensors in parking spaces, furthermore, said Application It is called the Madrid DUM360 and will be available as an option on iOS and Android until next January 15 (after that it will be mandatory).

Carriers have to download the platform, enter the vehicle registration number and Indicate where they want to park on the map,

reports the application real time occupancyAnd if the space is free, Madrid will provide a free authorization to park the vehicle with the DUM360 Virtual Ticket.

One of the great benefits of the platform is that Reward drivers for faster loading or unloading, If it is indicated that the space is left before the timeout, the system grants that period without using it for the next opportunities, however, the AppP Automatically controls the occupancy of places.

Currently, 481 parking spaces already have occupancy sensors, and with this Madrid DUM360 we want Make sure businesses have vacancies less than 75 meters away.

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