There is no attack on the Treasury and Social Security systems: they send a letter requesting the allegedly stolen data

The Twitter account of the focus on Inclusion, Social Security and Citizenship of the Spanish Ministry of Migration He has denied that a letter which was reaching out to some people was sent by him. Apparently, criminals were using postal mail to steal bank details of users.

“We are contacting you with Social Security because it is required that you send us the following documents due to the fact that the law that went into effect last month and due to computer attack In the Treasury and Social Security systems, most citizen data has been lost,” the letter reads.

In the same way that happens with internet scams we warn about at 20BITS, the message is in many discrepancies in writing. However, some people may not have noticed while reading the letter quickly.

What they pretend is an alleged law that they don’t specify what it is and according to what they say it would mean an increase of between 75 and 150 euros. In addition, they inform A Cyber ​​Attack That Didn’t Actually HappenWhich would be false reason why Ciudadania would need to facilitate its data.

It is recommended to have a private profile on social networks.

The information they pretend has been lost in a computer attack They are relevant data that could be dangerous in the hands of a criminal. Specifically, they ask for photographs of both sides of the DNI or NIE, something that can be used to impersonate the identity. They also request a photograph of a bank statement where the letter shows the recipient as the holder or authorized in the bank and the amount paid in the previous month.

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