There is no time to lose! Juan Soler ends his marriage with Maki in order to start a romance with Paulina Mercado.

  • Although Juan split from Maki in 2018, the actress revealed in recent days that they were barely legally divorced.

  • who gave a negative response to Juan when asked about his former partner.

  • The actor and Paulina Mercado work together on the morning show of Imagen television.

Cupid worked his way into the ‘Sale el Sol’ forum, and this is what we found Juan Solar, Paulina Mercado, 56, and Paulina Mercado, 50, are dating! It was a few days ago when we saw both very affectionate hosts of the Imagen television morning show at a supermarket in Santa Fe, where we saw that he kissed her.

We spoke to a person from the program where they both work and they confirmed that love blossomed between them and they decided to give themselves a chance, after breaking up with their respective partners a few months back; He with a woman named María José Barbaglia and he with a mysterious lover. This is what he told us:

-A few days ago we saw Juan Solar with Paulina Mercado, very affectionate; Is there anything between them?

“The truth is, I’m surprised they’ve seen him, because according to this, they were very secretive on that subject, but the reality is that there is something between them.”

-tell us…

“Juan and Paulina have been dating for a while and have decided to give themselves a chance at love…they’re already dating!”

– What do you think! But they both had a partner, didn’t they?

“Yeah, but they both ended those relationships about two months back. The first to end their relationship was Paulina, commenting that the magic between her and the “beautiful person” (as she called her ex-partner) had been lost, and they decided to separate.

Juan Soler ends his marriage with Maki in order to start a romance with Paulina Mercado.

-And Juan, when did you end up with María José Barbaglia?

“They made it public a few weeks ago, but according to me, it was a while ago.”

How did this romance come about?

“They’ve always gotten along very well, but seeing each other every day and being together in and out of the program, they grew to like each other and realized they could be more than just co-workers.” Furthermore, when Paulina states that she has finished with ‘El Guapo’, Juan enters as a confidant friend and advisor, and he becomes aroused.
that they see themselves with other eyes”.

how long have you been together?

“They have been going out for about a month or one and a half. The truth is that their romance was an open secret, because although they tried to be discreet, their classmates noticed and even made fun of them, and they blushed.

Juan Soler ends his marriage with Maki in order to start a romance with Paulina Mercado.

That’s why they didn’t hide it well…

“It’s that Juan is a true gentleman and treats her like a queen, he cares for her, brings her coffee, pulls her chair closer, lends his arm to walk her. In the forum they have a -They give each other stolen kisses, send short messages, they look at each other with mischievous eyes and they spend their time making love to each other. They are like teenagers in love. ”

Why didn’t they want to say it?

“They don’t want to say much because they’ll see if it moves forward, but they’re very pleased.”

After all, do you know what their children say about this?

“I do not know that much; What I do know is that Paulina still does not live with her daughters, and her children have already grown up and do not get involved in matters of love for their mother, “he concluded.

Juan Soler ends his marriage with Maki in order to start a romance with Paulina Mercado.

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