There is still a possibility that Pablo Leal may not pay for his mistakes

Pablo Lyle

The trial in which Pablo Lell will find out how many years he will spend in prison for the crime of involuntary manslaughter has been delayed again. According to the defendant’s lawyers, this time the judges will admit that they have not seen all the evidence and will need more time to do so. But this time around, Lyle’s anguish may bring with it resolutions of another kind.

According to the Ventanendo program, the judges would have said that it would be possible to nullify the outcome of the trial in general, due to the media noise around the case, which could have been influenced according to Lyle’s lawyers. Judgment failed. That’s why he appealed his annulment and, apparently, judges will be studying the possibility of overturning the preliminary rulings.

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No deal for Pablo Leal, his sentence gets increased

Soon a famous TV presenter may face the same fatal fate as Pablo Leal.

According to Telemundo, the fact that the trial is being delayed may indicate that Judge Marisa Tinkler is considering a new trial, which could free Pablo Lyle despite the evidence against him. And even after losing the family of his victim, Juan Ricardo Hernandez, who was beaten to death by the actor.

Pablo Leal will have a real chance to get out of prison

The 63-year-old man who was the victim of Pablo Lyal left behind a widow and stepson in Miami, Florida, who believed the verdict convicting him would do justice to his father. However, there is already a chance that this could reverse. The final resolution will be announced next Thursday, December 8.

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