These 4 news have come to WhatsApp in recent months

A big part of the success of WhatsApp is that the instant messaging application is continuously rolling out updates to improve the user experience. Mark Zuckerberg’s app will be launched soon four new tools Which have been tested for some time.

large group

One of the features that has already rolled out to everyone is the possibility to have group chats with more participants. Till now groups of up to 512 people could be created and WhatsApp thinks that they can be created max 1024 usersThat means twice as much.

paid version

Those who want to enjoy exclusive features on WhatsApp Business, which is the company’s business platform, can pay for whatsapp premium, It is not yet known what this payment plan will cost, however, it is possible that some companies may consider it appropriate to access it.

block screenshot

We recently reported on this option, which is currently in beta and will allow WhatsApp users to have more privacy. Specifically, it has an option in the settings with Internet users will be able to block their contacts from taking screenshots To self-destroy a photo or video.

Users will be able to block screenshots and screen recordings of their temporary photos and videos.

more privacy

working on meta New ‘Privacy’ section Which will be located on the ‘Settings’ home screen instead of the ‘Account’ section.

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