These are Dwayne Johnson’s three beautiful daughters ‘The Rock’

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dwayne johnson He is a well-known actor who has earned the affection of people thanks to his work in various film productions; However, despite his success, fame and fortune, the most important role in his life is that of being a father. They are his three beautiful daughters.

Few know this part of the actor’s life, Dwayne Johnson has 3 daughters: Simone, Jasmine and Tiana, of whom he is absolutely proud and happy to see him grow up.

Being a father is not an easy task and Dwayne Johnson’s profession becomes even more complicated as the working hours are different from a normal profession, he has to be away from home for months and he has to miss the great moments of his family Is; Even then “The Rock” has made all kinds of sacrifices to be able to spend time with him and remember as few details as possible about his development.

Dwayne Johnson’s Daughters “The Rock”

His daughter Simone was in charge of making Dwayne Johnson a new father with his ex-wife Danny Garcia on August 14, 2001, She is now a teenager and thanks to her beauty, she has become an IMG model, was named the first Golden Globe ambassador for the 2018 awards ceremony and also became the youngest signer when she reached a deal with WWE. Went.

At her young age, the eldest daughter of the actor has accomplished many things, which makes it clear that talent runs in her veins. He likes to share his life on social networks where he shows that he loves to travel, spend time with friends and study, he graduated from Norfolk State University.

In 2015, his second daughter, Jasmine, arrived on 16 December as a result of his second formal relationship with Lauren. She is too young to know if she wants to follow in her father’s footsteps in acting, but at such a young age she made her red carpet debut at the actor’s induction ceremony on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 2017.

Dwayne Johnson’s third daughter name is Tiana, she came into the world on 17th April 2018, that too the result of her second marriage. Like her sisters, she is deeply loved by her father and has a special presence on social networks, watching movies with her family, at construction sites or simply playing.

“La Roca” likes to show his face as a father and likes to be very affectionate with them, he always has good messages for his daughters. It is enough to enter his social network to see an action actor who is always in harsh and dangerous situations, but he also has a tender and very sensitive aspect.

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