These are the best companies to move forward

When it comes to climbing the corporate ladder, the company you work for may be more important than any skills or educational degree you have.

So concludes a report by the Burning Glass Institute, a think tank focused on the work, Harvard Business School and the Schultz Family Foundation, which ranked the 250 largest public health organizations in the US based on how well they do at advancing an employee’s career. companies ranked.

“For us, the results say that where you work matters and it matters a lot,” Matt Siegelman, president of the Burning Glass Institute, told CBS MoneyWatch. “Simply put, you can have two employees who are working in the same job at two directly competing companies and they will have very different prospects going forward.”

best companies to grow

Of the companies assessed by the study, which was based on the experiences of 3 million employees, AT&T as providing the most room for career advancement based on access to jobs, fair pay and opportunities to advance was given the status.

The researchers also measured workplaces based on the following criteria:

  • Best workplace to grow in
  • best workplaces to start with
  • The Best Workplaces for a Company to Live and Thrive
  • Best Workplaces to Proceed Without a College Degree
  • Best workplace to develop your talent.

AT&T, Cisco and Southwest Airlines ranked in the top 50 in four of the five categories.

Launchpad for Success

According to a report called the American Opportunity Index, the top companies to start a career in include software makers Adobe, Apple, home improvement chain Lowe’s and UPS. These companies lowered barriers to entry for workers without relevant work experience, as well as training them to be successful in their roles.

Workers looking for job stability in a single company gave high marks to Boeing, Exxon Mobil, Microsoft, Netflix and Salesforce, while Costco, Oracle and Wells Fargo are seen as providing quick avenues to advancement, including those in the past. Even without experience.

For job seekers without a college degree, Delta Air Lines, Hewlett Packard, Mastercard and Walmart, led the way in helping workers advance in their careers.

“Companies play a big role in both who climbs the ladder, how people climb the ladder and whether they make enough money to stay on that journey,” Siegelman said.

Decisions can make or break a career

To be sure, coveted degrees, and sought-after skills can all help workers grow however a company ranks. But the report shows that companies play a bigger role in that progress than is generally recognized.

“Most of us have long said that you go to college, if you go to college, the most important thing is that college is the crucible of a career,” Siegelman said. “The reality is that there are decisions that workers make over the course of their careers that have an incredibly important bearing on whether they move on or they get stuck.”

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Roughly two-thirds of Americans do not have a college degree.

Siegelman also offered a tip for job seekers: Prioritize what you want in a job or career, like moving quickly or staying at a firm for several years, and choose an employer accordingly.

“Finding what works for you and the career you want to pursue is really important, and this list can help you make a really informed choice,” he said.

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