These are the clues to detect a phishing scam in email or SMS, according to the National Police

The National Police, via its official Twitter account, has been alerted to a new phishing scam in which cybercriminals masquerade as Santander Bank. In the fraudulent message they share, they warn alleged theft of your card And they ask the customer of the financial institution to fill a form with their personal and bank details within 24 hours.

This is not the first time that cyber attackers have posed as a company (in this case a bank) to trick victims. This is usually a fairly common internet scam, and despite these criminal methods being reported at times, users keep falling for it. For this reason, the National Police has listed many features to see, Since, if they are found in email or SMS, they are most likely scams:

  • let it be “Notice a problem with your card”,
  • ask user to enter A suspicious link. It redirects to a page which is not the official page of the bank.
  • that’s the message bad words (with inconsistencies or misspellings).
  • that they have set a short time, so that the victim may have sense of urgency And to do what is told without thinking about the consequences.

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