These Are the Most Intense Scenes in Netflix’s Only Adult Movie “Blonde” That Break Ground

It is well known that reality is stranger than fiction, however, one of the best artistic tools to access these stories is through cinema, which is why now a biographical film has attracted the attention of the whole world and it’s all about the headband “White”, Same that was released this Wednesday, September 28 Netflix,

the film is directed by Andrew Dominic and describes the life of Marilyn Monroe; As per the information given by the company streamingThe film will be the first film to receive an NC-17 rating by Netflix, meaning it is adults-only content.

tape that has a famous actor as producer brad pitt was officially premiered during the 2022 Venice Film Festival, a venue for cinematographic dissemination where long-awaited films such as “whale” Y “bones and all”.

Ana de Armas in Marilyn Monroe’s skin. Photo: Special

This production was considered practically prohibited and the idea is derived from the time the said tape is saved, as it is the story of a film that was shot from 2019 and is probably from the last 27 April on the red logo platform. However, his own director has described him as a portrait sexual Clearly, this is the reason why the producers of Netflix have been suspended on several occasions. launch why are these movies

Ana de Armas as Marilyn Monroe

Despite the fact that the film, which initially told the life of the most famous blonde in Hollywood, was supposed to be starring actress Naomi Watts, the truth is that it was a Cuban actress anne of arms Who gave the production the expected result, as it is known that he had done extensive preparation and study about the iconic actress who immortalized the theme “Happy Birthday Mr. President”.

There are intense sex scenes in this tape. Photo: Special

In this sense, there are several scenes that have attracted the attention of international critics, especially with regard to scenery of sex, because there is also one of them that pertains to the President of the United States.

Spoiler alert: The most candid scenes from the movie

one of those scenes that gave us something to talk about, Merlin Confused by alcohol and barbiturates, on one of these trips where she was lost, she meets some security men, who put her in a car and later, without knowing that the actress is half the room. Naked Man In Bed: He’s The President America, who proceeds to practice oral sex within the imagination.

This scene breaks plans and overcomes obstacles because it is not afraid to clearly present various situations that combine reality and fantasy to see what this successful woman who crossed popular history in the world experienced. did.

Significantly, the film revolves around fiction associated with some planning The most emblematic blonde happened in real life in cinema, and one of the most intense scenes in the film concerns a sexual violation committed by Monroe.


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