These Are the Most Used Passwords in Spain (And Most Can Be Cracked in a Second)

Internet users often use easy-to-remember passwords for their social networks, but unfortunately, the security of these credentials is minimal and can be easily guessed by cybercriminals.

passwords remain the same year after year, Number Combinations, Single Words, Cities, Soccer Teams, Common Names and Phrases,

“Cybernews researchers based their data on a list of 56 million breached or leaked credentials obtained through a database on Internet forums in 2022. hackers of darknet why clenet“, points out Gizmodo. On the other hand, they collected three terabytes of data dark webIncluding information leaked in 2022.

Any password must contain at least twelve characters, uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers and symbolsAnd you should avoid common words or simple phrases.

To avoid weakly secured credentials, ESET (cyber security company) indicates in a press release sent to the media that Biometric authentication “has great potential to replace traditional passwords.”

Cyber ​​criminals use API access to steal data from devices.

Despite the fact that the most complex credentials are difficult to remember, it is true that there are password managers so that you only have to remember one master password and the rest are safe and stored in one of these applications.

To ensure computer security, there is currently multi-factor authentication to access a service onlineNamely, the password must be provided and a generated code which is sent to the users via an SMS.

Most commonly used passwords.
Most used passwords in Spain.

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