These are the most viewed videos and ‘shorts’ on YouTube in Spain in 2022

We are entering the final leg of 2022 and like every year, YouTube takes a look at everything happening on its platform. Although Rewind died after years of disfavor, the company is still interested in letting users remember the past Most viewed videos and ‘shorts’ in the months prior to December.

In the case of Spain, YouTube highlights El Canal The Wild Projectwhich is the video format of podcast From renowned Spanish content creator Jordi Wilde. However, the company doesn’t stop there and brings together some of the most listened-to music, revelatory creators and most popular…

In addition, this year it has been added A ranking with the most viewed shortsWhich are short videos with which the platform wants to mimic TikTok, similar to what Instagram and Facebook did with Reels.

Most Viewed Videos

  • The Wild Project #139 ft. Ilojuan | His relationship with Maisy, the importance of his family, the timing – The Wilde Project
  • Eurovision Song Contest 2022 – Grand Final – Full Show – Live Stream – Turin – Eurovision Song Contest
  • I’ll give €300 to whoever makes me laugh the most. If You Laugh, You Lose 13 – Ibai
  • These dogs are banned worldwide – Crazy Mouse
  • I Went Back to First Grade for a Day – Mister Beast in Spanish
  • oscars 2022 | Will Smith Slaps Chris Rock | country – country
  • 100 days to build a modern underground hut with grass roof and swimming pool – Mr.Heang Update
  • Live transfer market closing | brand – brand
  • Great Youtubers Match 2 (DjMaRiiO vs TheGrefg) The Revancha – DjMariiO
  • Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, Eminem, Mary J. Blige, Kendrick Lamar & 50 Cent Full Pepsi SB LVI Halftime Show – NFL

IPTV, the first fine in Europe for users of free Internet television

Most Viewed Shorts

  • My Neighbor Stole My Dog – Yosoyplex
  • 🍽🤤 When you asked your mom to eat more #shorts – MatWolf16
  • Guess The Color 🟣 Challenge 👵🏻 With My Grandma 🎁 #Shorts – NachitoJuegaJuegos
  • When you go to the disco in the future 😂 ⚡️#shorts – animaLize21
  • Ouch.. 🙈 – Celine & Michael
  • Sing or … water !! Challenge with Team 2 #shorts – Leena
  • The Tangerine Trick – Daniella #Shorts – Daniella Baby Pink
  • Smart Bug – Follow Me Now
  • What happens if you break an egg under water? -The Cruyff
  • Different Types of People: Are You 1, 2 or 3?😂 – Kirya Kolesnikov

Most Viewed Music Videos

  • Quevedo || BZRP Music Session #52 – Bizarre
  • Cayo La Noche Remix – La Pantera, Quevedo, Jusfe ft. Bejo, Abhir Hathi, Cruz Cafe, El Ima – The Pantera
  • shakira, rau alejandro – i congratulate you (official video) – shakiravevo
  • Karol G – Provence (Official Video) – KarolGevo
  • Bad Bunny – Titi Asked Me (Official Video) | A Summer Without You – Bad Bunny
  • RVFV, Kikimoteleba – Tigini Remix (Official Video) – RVFV
  • Benny Jr ft Morad – Follow (K and B Chapter 1) – MDLR
  • Becky G, Karol G – Mam Aath (Audio) – Becky Gvivo
  • Rosalia – Despecha (Official Video) – Rosalia Vevo
  • Vilano Antillano || BZRP Music Session #51 – Bizarre

Users will be able to further personalize their Instagram profile with their favorite songs.

top producer

  • art game
  • alejo name
  • mr beast in spanish
  • the wild project
  • yosoyplex
  • ilo juan
  • official ruben tuesta
  • River
  • Magical
  • mikcrack

top newcomer producer

  • alejo name
  • official ruben tuesta
  • yolo adventures
  • Elias Dosunmu
  • Sergio Encinas Official
  • Paul Ferrer Shorts
  • Alex Segura LR – Secondary Channel
  • Susie Maurice
  • angel_gaitan_official
  • fabru block

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